Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thought I better update. Last time I said I would be back hopefully in a couple of hours. Guess that didn't happen. Try a month. I really am going to try to be more current. It would help if I knew someone was going to read this. I will pretend this is a weekly diary and not worry if anyone is reading. It can be like my own personal account of what I am doing and more importantly what I am learning. Tuesday night, April 7, 2009, I took a class at The GlassThimblefrom Kathy Kaiser, Free Form Design and Piecing. Kathy helped me get over a road block I have had for a long time. When given a blank piece of paper and told to just draw something nothing comes to mind other than panic. Kathy gave us a piece of paper with 12 blank blocks, in each block we were to draw 3 lines in different arrangements. That was pretty easy, 2nd sheet, 12 blocks, draw 3 curved lines in different arrangements. Ok, 3rd sheet draw a combination of straight and curved lines. The combinations are endless. You can even use tracing paper to combine and manipulate the shapes. Before I knew it I had some interesting drawings. Here is a picture of the quilt Kathy created and the description of the class.

Isn’t this quilt awesome! Join Kathy to
learn how to draw and piece your own
designs. Once you learn the technique,
the possibilities are endless!
Instructor: Kathy Kaiser
Skill Level: Advanced Beginner
Fee: $30.00
Dates: Tuesdays, 4/7 & 4/14, 6-9 pm


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