Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Well Beth Wheeler's name at the top of my last post is there because I posted the Christmas tree quilt pictures and was going to talk about how Beth suggested to work in a series. I could not figure out how to go back and finish the entry that I started and accidentally posted instead This blogging is hard work. Is anyone even reading this. It is time away from quilting and it feels like floating out in space wondering if someone will notice. Anyway back to Beth. I made one Christmas tree at a class on decorative stitches, came home and remember a tree Sue have made at Quilt Trends, a quilt shop I use to work at. So I was in the mood, had great snowman fabric for the background, which you can't see in the picture, and had to fuse fabric to make one like Sue's. Well I had left over fuse fabric so I just kept making more. This isn't really what Beth meant when she suggested a series. I think you are suppose to branch out more. Get the Christmas tree reference. Beth's blog is always interesting I am going to post this and hopefully come back later to show you how far along I have gotten on the Ruth McDowell project I have been working on.

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